Kegel Speed Hack for Boosted Board V2
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Wheel Orangatang Kegel
Durometer 80a
Diameter 80 mm
Dual +: Top Speed / Cruising Speed 27.377 mph/ 25.377 mph
Dual : Top Speed / Cruising Speed 25.377 mph/ 23.377 mph
Speed Percentage +24.44%
Torque Percentage -24.44%
Pulley Teeth 45
Gear Ratio 1:2.647
Belt Cover Factory
Belt size 201-3m-15

Kegel Speed Hack for Boosted Board V2

Classic look. Go faster with either orange or purple Orangatang Kegel wheels.

How it works

The new drive wheels have smaller gears on them that increase the maximum speed. The motor and electronics are not effected, making this a quick, easy, and reversible modification. This hack is trading some of the torque for speed, which for us seems like a fair trade to get where we are going with a bit more flexibility.

License and Conditions

Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0. Use these files at your own risk!


Optimized for home 3d printing

Download STL Files

Required Hardware

201-3M-15 or compatible.

Orangatang Kegel Orange/Purple Wheels

Orangatang Kegel SPEED Hack Pulley

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